August 13, 2017

TeamSpeak Client TS3 Portable x64-x86 download torrent

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TeamSpeak Client TS3 Portable x64-x86 download torrent
TeamSpeak Client TS3

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If you are online game multiplayer, you need to communicate with your friends and team colleagues a variety of reasons: a strategy for the next attack to design a relaxing chat, and kill enemies without mercy.

Many games with chat options that exchange messages with other players, but text chat options are never perfect, and too often leave the in-game sound a lot of things to be desired.

Insure the crash

If the standard communication possibilities in theGame does not work for you, one of the best options for online voice communication for the game, TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak is part of the software. This comes in two separate applications, which are used as servers, and the other as a client. This way, you can install your own Private TeamSpeak Server at home, so you can talk to your friends while you are private, play safely. This self-confidentcross-platform chat between PC, Mac and Linux.

IfThe server administrator Teamspeak create and delete a real user accounts, set different permissions for each of them to arbitrate any user or password to prohibit access to the server, to name a few.

Basic functionality

Štaklijent application teamspeak, so it is very easy to use. Provision of information needed to establish a connection (server address, nickname and password, if required), and that is it.

You can change the IP addressOf the private server or discover some of the hundreds of public teamspeak import-ready servers on the internet, you can search directly from your client.

Both teamspeak server and client has a simple, lakdizajn, which can be improved in all honesty. The interface is basically: bare windows without graphics and a more schematic makes me think that something is wrong.

Teamspeak remains minimized in the tasklist and uses only a few system resources. The voice qualityis excellent. You can also activate some interesting settings in the Teamspeak configuration menu, including the ability to use the bandwidth or opcijumicrophone. Just when you are talking, but it can be a bit more difficult to make a first look.

It’s good to talk

It’s not enough, you can play TeamSpeak with all the online games you play because it’s a completely independent application. So, the next time you are sure your friends onlineTo play, forget to talk lost talk or distorted tone in the middle of an important battle and iditeNavavite to Teamspeak.


TeamSpeak Client TS3


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